What's Unique About Us?

Rather than using a computer numerical control (CNC) router, which is a computer-controlled woodworking machine, sandblasted cedar products are handcrafted. All manufacturing processes are completed by hand. From planing rough cut western cedar, sandblasting customly designed layouts, to applying oil paint and urethane finish all steps are completed with a purpose to be a unique item for each customer.

All Cedar Signs, Maps and Flags are entirely custom made to order. Send us a layout using our Contact/Order form. Provide details of what text, font, colour and silhouettes you’d like on your sandblasted product. Layouts we receive are a guide which we use as a template. All products are then sandblasted to create a naturally eroded finish.

What’s Sandblasting?
Sandblasting is a process that creates natural lines of erosion in wood that reflect the Muskoka & Georgian Bay precambrian Shield landscape.

Why Cedar?
1) Compared to most softwoods, cedar has a diverse array of colour, making each piece truly unique.
2) Oils in cedar protect the wood against decay, which makes the material ideal for Canadian climate.
3) Cedar has tiny pockets of air inside the grain of the wood, which protects the wood from changes in temperature.
4) Cedar wood has a higher resistance to bacterial and fungal growth.
5) Cedar has been traditionally used to build saunas because of its ability to withstand wet conditions and repel infestation by insects.

For these reasons we believe cedar wood creates the finest outdoor artistic products.

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Our Business Model

Locally handmade quality products that embrace the cultural landscape of Muskoka & Georgian Bay.

Whether you call it home, cottage country or your road trip destination, Canadians and tourists from around the globe gather in Muskoka and Georgian Bay to experience the peace and tranquility bestowed by the Canadian Shield wilderness. Inspired by the essence of Muskoka we wanted to create custom pieces of art that reflect the landscape and will complement your home, cottage or business.

We are a newly established small business that specializes in developing products that are uniquely crafted for each customer.

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